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QRS music technologies is the innovative leader in player system technology for acoustic pianos. We are the proud factory direct store and offer the following products.

PNOmation III

QRS PNOmation III is the state of the art player system that operates off any wireless device to control your piano. The QRS music library has over 15,000 songs and adding more each year. Genre’s span from classical, to rock, to new age. 90% of pianos today are sold with player system technology – visit us to see a live demo!


The best record technolgies sense the movement of the keys continuously. The sensors also need to be non-evasive, in other words there can be nothing touching the key or any mechanical link. PNOscan is by far the best recording technology because it uses optical sensors to capture every nuance and dynamic. If you’re interested in seeing how you can use this midi strip technology contact us today! 

QRS Stop Rail

The QRS stop rail allows anyone to play an acoustic piano with headphones. The QRS stop rail can be installed on any piano alongside the QRS PNOscan. The two technologies are a powerful combination – essentially turning any acoustic piano into a silent digital piano. This is perfect for anyone practicing at night,  close living quarter, or schools. 

QRS Product Videos

See videos of QRS products below or schedule a live demo at one of our stores!

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